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Liqua Mix&Go American Blend


Liqua Mix&Go American Blend is a popular flavor of slightly sweet American tobacco. Longfill contains 12ml of aroma in a 60ml bottle.

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Product Description

Liqua Mix&Go American Blend is a popular American slightly sweet tobacco flavor. Longfill contains 12ml of aroma in a 60ml bottle.

The product is not suitable for independent use, the product must be mixed with a neutral base before use.

Additional Information


60 ml


12 ml


0 mg/ml



8 reviews for Liqua Mix&Go American Blend

  1. matjazmulej

    Super. Kot Marlboro.

  2. Jasmina Strašek

    Neutralen okus. Super.

  3. Ambrož Bolhar

    Vrhunski okus to je to kar se išče

  4. Gorazd Dobnik

    Odlično. Sladki tobak.

  5. pop200

    Okusa po tobaku ne čutim, zame je popolnoma nevtralen

  6. Marijana Pocajt

    Odlicna tekocina

  7. Andraž Avsenik

    Glede na ocene, sem bil z nakupom kar razočaran. Skratka meni osebno prazen okus.

  8. natasa i

    Dobra aroma. Nevtralen okus, rahlo sladka.

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