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Vampire Vape Aroma Heisenberg


Vampire Vape Heisenberg is an aroma with a fresh taste of menthol with berries, available in a 30ml bottle. The product must be mixed with a neutral base before use, recommended mixing with base at 10-20%..

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Product Description

Vampire Vape Heisenberg is a 30ml aroma with a fresh menthol flavor with berries.

The product is not suitable for independent use, the product must be mixed with a neutral base before use.

Recommended mixing with base at 10-20%.

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30 ml




7 reviews for Vampire Vape Aroma Heisenberg

  1. Tomaž Bukovinski

    Meni osebno najljubša aroma. Osebno mešam 15%.


    Ne hvala..sami mentol se cuti.

  3. tejafis

    Preveč grenak tudi meni ni všeč pa sem mešal 10% in manj

  4. djmaxter

    Jaz sem ga primešal neki drugi sladki tekočini in je super.

  5. dimitrije.s


  6. Lenia Christ

    Entweder man liebt es oder man hasst es. Ich liebs. Vor allem durch dieses cooling.

  7. Igor Adamič

    Osebno mešam 11%, dodam tudi nikotinski booster s coolerjem (20 ml od skupno 60 ml nikotinskega boosterja) in mi ima super okus.

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